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Electric Motorcycles and Scooters

Brammo 1 electric motorcycle

Brammo 1

What's so great about Electric motorcycles and scooters?

Electric motorcycles and scooters are not only a lot cheaper to run than a conventional bike with an engine, they're also quieter and don't pollute the environment.

Compared to the internal combustion engine, with its many components, the electric motor has just one moving part, making it more reliable and therefore needing a lot less maintenance.

Battery Powered Motorcycles

One of the main problems with electric motorcycles is how to produce and store the electricity.

The easiest way to power an electric motorcycle is with on board batteries and mains chargers.

However they are heavy, require long charge times and have a limited range, but with continuous development, battery technology is already showing rapid signs of improvement.

Fuel Cell Motorcycles

Another method is to produce the electricity on the bike itself with a hydrogen storage tank and a fuel cell.

A few manufacturers have already produced some very good, production ready, fuel cell bikes but we're not likely to see too many on the road until the lack of hydrogen fuel stations is overcome.

Governments and motor manufacturers around the world see hydrogen and fuel cell technology as the way forward in transportation and are working together to set up the infrastructure to make it all work.

Hybrid Motorcycles

A third method is the hybrid motorcycle.

This is basically a battery operated motorcycle with an auxiliary power source such as an engine or a fuel cell that cuts in as the batteries run down to charge them up again.

Electric Motorcycle Conversions

There are some really exciting electric motorcycles and scooters in production already, but a growing number of enthusiasts are having a go themselves and carrying out their own electric motorcycle conversions.

Although these guys and girls have been really ingenious in sourcing parts, several companies have recently started up to provide all the components you'll need to build your own electric bike, right off the shelf. So why not get in there and have a go yourself?

Electric Motorcycle Racing

To encourage serious development of electric motorcycles, electric motorcycle racing was introduced to the Isle of Man TT in 2009.

The electric motorcycle racing teams taking part in the 'TT Zero' race are putting a lot of research into their bikes.

Each year the bikes are getting faster, lighter and more reliable, easily completing the difficult 37 mile (60.73km) island circuit on a single charge.

The Future

Whatever the future brings, I'm sure, as technology and the infrastructure improves we'll see more electric motorcycles and scooters on the roads.

This will help to clean up the environment, reduce our dependance on foreign oil imports and keep our hard earned cash where it belongs, in our wallets.